Scanning and Media Services

Digitally capture images and videos to disk. Use Cahoots scanning services to convert your old negatives, slides, photos and videos. Recapture those precious moments and don’t let them fade away . . . . .1399858546156

Photo Services

Special Photo Services
Photo Spa editing ( “repair” and background removal etc.) per 15min block $20
Photo editing (basic: red eye removal, quick fix colour/exposure) per image $1.00
Photo rating/ranking/selection, priced per photo (based on number of images supplied) $0.20


Scan your images and protect your memories

By scanning your photos you will be able to:

  • Combine your physical and digital photo collections for consistent management in a catalogue of your choice, such as iPhoto or Picassa.
  • Preserve old photos before they deteriorate further, and potentialy have the most important ones digitally restored/enhanced.
  • Protect against loss by storing duplicate copies elsewhere. (Have you considered the potential impact of fire or flood on your current photo collections?)
  • Release valuable storage space by disposing of your redundant, or less important, photographs, following their conversion to a digital format.
  • Share resulting scans with friends and family members.
  • and of course, ease the selection process for your next photobook, avoiding the need to trawl through separate physical and digital collections.

Whether it is for a single photo, single project, or your whole photo collection, at Cahoots we can scan your photos and other memorabilia. A single scan on our A4 flatbed scanner costs $1.50 while large bulk lots not only attract discounts of 50% to 70% according to quantity, but also qualify for a 20% rebate in the form of a photobook voucher. And don’t forget your deteriorating video camera and home movie tapes. Have them digitally stored on modern media and be assured they will be preserved for later enjoyment. For quantities not listed below, Contact us now, and ask us for a quote.

Photos – Job Lot (e.g for photobook project) Cost per photo
Standard Resolution (300dpi)
Cost per photo
High Resolution (600+dpi)
EXPRESS SERVICE: Photos/images, loose or mounted, up to A4 size, scanned on Cahoots flatbed photo scanner (1 – 5 business day turnaround) n/a $1.50

Bulk Scanning (minimum 100 items, 2-3 week turnaround)
[*20% of value is returned via photobook voucher]
Cost per photo
Std Resolution (300dpi)
Cost per photo
High Resolution (600dpi)
101 to 250 standard sized photos $0.75 $0.86
251 to 500 standard sized photos $0.72 $0.83
501 to 1000 standard sized photos $0.68* $0.79*
1001 to 2500 standard sized photos $0.62* $0.73*
2501+ Ask for quote Ask for quote


Negative Strips (per frame) or Slides
Scanning (2-3 week turnaround)
[*20% of value is returned via photobook voucher]
Cost per image
Std Resolution (2000dpi)
Cost per image
High Resolution (4000dpi)
Up to 100 slides/negatives $1.88 $2.25
101 to 250 slides/negatives $1.81 $2.19
251 to 500 slides/negatives $1.75* $2.06*
501 to 2500 slides/negatives $1.69* $2.00*
2500+ slides/negatives $1.63* $1.94*


Tape Transfers (per tape)
VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, Hi-8
Up to 90mins 91 to 180mins 181 to 240mins
1 to 4 tapes $65 $85 $105
5 to 9 tapes $60 $80 $100
10 to 14 tapes $55 $75 $95
15 to 20 tapes $50 $70 $90
21+ tapes Ask for quote Ask for quote Ask for quote