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A photobook expert at your disposal

We are pleased to introduce our latest service : “Do It With Me”. Essentially, as a photobook expert, ¬†we will act as a second pair of eyes, looking for issues that may have gone unnoticed, looking for ways to optimise your design and/or layout, and fixing any discovered issues. We might even suggest an alternative layout or design treatment for a given page, if it would create an impact. This service offering is aimed squarely at people who are able to use our Easy Designer software, but who would also like to take advantage of the professional skills and expertise we can offer.

“Do It With Me” is perfect for those that want a little more control over their project than is possible with our full service “Do It For Me” offering, while ensuring the resulting photobook is an improvement over what they could otherwise have achieved.

Our “Do It With Me” service is charged on top of the standard price of your photobook, with the surcharge based on the number of pages in your finished book. You can check the price of a book with a “Do It With Me” add-on using our photobook cost estimator.

To take advantage of this service, simply save your photobook as a .dtp file (which ensures it is self-contained with images included), and upload using the form below. We will send you an invoice for the Do It With Me surcharge and will return your fully checked and enhanced photobook file for you to order your photobook in the usual way (or further edit it, if you wish).

Mobile or landline telephone number

Cahoots Easy Designer file saved as .dtp format