Photobook Design Foundations

In photobooks 101, learn the basics of how to create a good photobook design. Take note of the things to consider and the key tips and tricks.

Enhancing Your Book with Backgrounds

Judicious use of backgrounds can enhance the images on a page and improve the overall feel of a photobook. In this article we look at some basic rules for applying backgrounds - when to use them, when not to use them, and factors to consider in choosing the most appropriate background for a particular page.

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What book format is the right format?

Apart from choosing the images for a photobook, perhaps the next most critical decision is what book format to choose. If you change your mind after you have started designing your book, you will typically find that the software will not allow a change of book dimension. At Cahoots we offer 2 square formats and 2 landscape formats, and in this article we offer some suggestions for the most suitable book format for particular topics, and some considerations that might help you narrow down your choices.

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