Photobook Design QuickStart Workshop

Our Photobook Design QuickStart Workshop will walk you through the basics of designing a Cahoots photobook using our Easy Designer software. There’s no need to feel bewildered by our software! In fact, most people tell us that it is refreshingly easy to use compared to others they had tried in the past. Use the month navigation above to see available dates.

During the 90 minute session we will cover the following topics:

  • Installing the Easy Designer software
  • Selecting and configuring the options for a product
  • The function of the various workspace panels
  • Respecting fold lines and trim lines
  • Applying templates to your page
  • Inserting images into a placeholder
  • Swapping/changing images and/or templates
  • Basic image manipulation (auto-correct colour, greyscale/sepia conversion, zooming/cropping)
  • Adding text for titles, headings and captions
  • Applying backgrounds
  • Rearranging/adding/deleting pages
  • Validation reporting
  • Errors & warnings (and what they mean/how to fix)
  • The ordering process (including signup to our loyalty program)
  • Support resources and how to get help

The cost is inclusive of a 2 page “cheat sheet” of the most common mistakes and oversights. It also includes a summary of the most common validation errors. Participants also have the opportunity to purchase of copy of the Easy Designer Quickstart Guide for later reference, if desired.

Classes are limited to 6 participants, allowing everyone to have clear line of sight to our new 55″ wall mounted monitor. Due to the number of participants, and the material to be covered, there is no time for hands on exercises (so you can leave your laptops at home). If you prefer a more tailored tuition option with hands on exercises, we suggest a one-to-one session may be a preferable alternative. Ask us for details. After completing this Quickstart session, or if you are already familiar with the basics of Easy Designer (or similar software), you may wish to sign up for our Easy Designer Masterclass where we take a deeper look under the hood of this application and explore some of the possibilities for taking your photobook design skills to the next level.