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Our Photobook Design Masterclass will arm attendees with a range of design possibilities to make their photobook design concept a reality. During the 60 minute session we will cover a range of tools and techniques that should give you the knowledge to take your photobook design skills to the next level.

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Our Easy Designer Masterclass will walk you through the more advanced functions available in Easy Designer that can be used to enhance your project. By the end of the session, you will have been exposed to a range of tools that can be used to give a more professional result for your project.

During the 60 minute session we will cover the following topics:

Layout Operations

  • Alignment and distribution tools
  • Rotation of single and grouped objects
  • Overlapping objects
  • Whitespace considerations
  • Saving (and deleting) your own custom layouts

Background Treatments

  • Ghosted backgrounds
  • Variably faded backgrounds
  • Gradient backgrounds
  • Sourcing and applying graphic backgrounds

Image Treatments

  • Drop Shadows
  • Coloured borders for single and grouped images
  • Applying masks for cutout effects
  • Applying (picture) frames
  • Adding your own frames and masks
  • Image effects

Elements and Embellishments

  • Shapes (e.g. as partial background)
  • Text (curved, background fill, transparency, shadow, highlight)
  • Embellishments and clip art

Classes are limited to 6 participants, allowing everyone to have clear line of sight to our new 55″ wall mounted monitor. Due to the number of participants, and the material to be covered, there is no time for hands on exercises (so you can leave your laptops at home). If you prefer a more tailored tuition option with hands on exercises, we suggest a one-to-one session may be a preferable alternative. Ask us for details. This class assumes a knowledge of the fundamental operation of Easy Designer (or similar software). If you have not already made a photobook with Easy Designer, you may wish to consider attending our Quickstart workshop for the necessary pre-requisite knowledge. (Check the topics covered in the Quickstart Workshop to see if you are ready to benefit from these more advanced design techniques.)

Masterclasses are held according to demand (when we have at least 3 participants). Reach out to us on our contact page to request to be put on our Masterclass waitlist and we will keep you updated when a new class is scheduled.

“Exactly what I was looking for – the course covered many design and embellishment features that I was not aware of. Many Thanks”

— Anonymous Feedback – February 2018