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Our Help Me Do It services

Our range of Help Me Do It services have been tailored to suit all circumstances. There is bound to be a solution that will ensure your photobook project runs smoothly, with just the type and amount of help you need. The following options are available:

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    Screen Clip Movies

    If you learn best by visual means, take a look at our screen movies on YouTube. We’ll be adding to these over time, so keep in touch with us so we can let you know when new content is available. Our first “overview” video Cahoots Software Quick Start, shows just how easy it is to create a photobook with Cahoots software.

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    During shop hours, we are able to take your calls and emails regarding questions about using our software or services. Naturally, there is no charge for this. (You’ll be speaking to someone who uses the Cahoots software more or less on a daily basis. You won’t get diverted to a support department, or issued with a ticket number. Normally we are able to answer your questions right there and then.)

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    Public Workshops

    These are scheduled once or twice a month and are ideal for those that just like a friendly introduction to using our software or those that want to learn about all the capabilities for designing a truly beautiful book. Following our QuickStart session, you will have sufficient knowledge to start exploring the basic capabilities of our Easy Designer photobook design software. Our Masterclass sessions will arm attendees with a range of design possibilities to make their photobook design concept a reality.

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    Private Workshops

    If the timing of the public workshops does not suit, or you wish to have a dedicated, concentrated session one-to-one, we can schedule a private session at a mutually convenient time. The subject matter is the same as that covered in the public workshops, but it generally can be covered in around half the time. Private workshops cost $80 per hour. See below for more information.

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    Book Consultations

    Sometimes our clients like to book a consultation to check their photobook project and perhaps receive advice on areas for improvement, or to learn a little more about using the capabilities of the Cahoots software. There is no charge for reviews that are less than 15 minutes. Beyond that, the cost is $20 per 15 minute block.

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    Cahoots “Do It For Me”

    Of course, if your project becomes too overwhelming and/or you simply no longer have the time to finish it, you can make use of our “Do It For Me” service, and let us design a unique book that meets your expectations.


Cahoots offer several levels of assistance in learning how to get the best out of our fully capable Easy Designer software.

Venue: Cahoots retail store
Shop 7, Forrest walk
97 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

Quickstart Sessions:

The Cahoots “QuickStart” sessions are a fun way for first time users of Easy Designer to jump-start their photobook project. These 45 minute sessions cover the necessary basics of using Easy Designer to create a photobook. Learn how to choose a product, access your images, apply them to pages, and enhance the look of your book with backgrounds. We’ll review the ordering process and the potential warnings and errors, before submitting your project online. In the time available, there is obviously not sufficient time to cover all the functions of the software – but we will point you to the available self-help resources. Alternatively, you may wish to sign up to one of our advanced photobook design workshops.

Our Getting Started sessions are held once or twice a month on Saturdays between 4:15pm and 5:00pm. As places are limited (4-6 persons), advanced booking is essential. If you would like to book a place at any of our workshops or sessions please call us at the shop on (08) 9388 7619 or send us a message.

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Photobook Design Masterclass:

The workshops are intended for those that are comfortable with the basic operation of Easy Designer (or have used other photobook design software). very hands on and you will become comfortable using the software, having had the opportunity to practice on the first several pages of your book, in the 2 hours allotted. We will be on hand to give you design and layout tips and will make sure you end up with all the necessary knowledge to enable you to continue creating your beautiful book.

Our public workshops are held once or twice a month on Saturdays between 4pm and 5:30pm. The cost is $40. As places are limited (4-6 persons), advanced booking and advanced payment is required to secure your place. If you would like to book a private workshop or a one-on-one please call us in the shop on (08) 9388 7619 or send us a message.

Private Workshops:

We also run private one-on-one sessions for you in our shop in Subiaco at any mutually convenient time. We download the free software onto your computer (if required), show you how to use it and give you some design and layout tips. An hour private session is $80. The content covered is tailored to your particular needs. Being a one-to-one session, we are able to cover the necessary material in a much shorter time than a group session would allow.

If you would like to book a private workshop or a one-on-one please call us in the shop on (08) 9388 7619 or send us a message.

Offsite Workshops:

All workshops and courses are routinely run at our Subiaco shop. However, by special request, we may be able to facilitate a workshop session in the privacy of your own home, or at some other external location you may wish to provide. There may be an additional charge for this convenience, to cover travel time etc. Our ability to offer offsite courses is subject to a number of factors, including the availability of suitable leaders.

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